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Jim's Pepper Roaster
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Love roasted bell pepper dishes but have no time to cook? Always wondered how to roast a red bell pepper? No worries. Relax and enjoy a new and unique pepper roaster for the most delicious peppers ever, in just 20 minutes!
Vertical or horizontal - that’s the question on how to roast a red bell pepper. You be the judge. 
For many years I watched Mom roast red bell peppers and I said, "There must be a better way." That’s when I invented Jim's Pepper Roaster. It only stands to reason which way is more commonsensible; it has to be vertical. When roasting peppers horizontally, they have to be turned over on each side to have all sides roasted. Vertically, all four sides are roasted at the same time.
With Jim's Pepper Roaster, after twenty minutes you have the most delicious roasted bell pepper you have ever tasted! If you don’t believe me, just see what the people who have have tasted my roasted peppers have to say . Simply follow my video or written instructions on how to roast a red pepper and you will never buy another jar of peppers. If for some reason you are not completely satisfied we have a money back guarantee. 
One Pepper Roaster, a Jar of
 Hickory Smoke Peppers
for only $19.99
And Pay for Shipping
My vertical roaster can also roast a chicken. Roast potatoes or sweet potatoes, barbecued shrimp, or one cubed chicken. Use anther roaster for beef or three selections at the same time. I have a few other recipes I would like to share with public, so watch this site for more information. Write me with your ideas.
Get ready to taste the best roasted bell pepper you have ever had with Jim's Pepper Roaster!
For New York City residents, call us today for a free taste! Contact Jimmy at 212-677-5120 or info@jimspepperroaster.net
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